Ann Arbor Summer Festival Operations Intern
Photo Credit: Ann Arbor Summer Festival
Working for the Ann Arbor Summer Festival, I had the opportunity to engage with the the arts, education, and waste communities. I actively participated in:

  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Zero waste tent operations
  • Fitness class organization
  • Art event coordination
  • Festival attendee engagement

Green Savvy Founder
Pop-up clothing repair workshop
After working for the Natural Resources Defence Council’s Clean by Design program, I began to see the terrible state of throw away culture within the fashion industry. I founded Green Savvy as a repair focused organization at U-M that had pop-up repair sessions across campus. As a team, we taught button attachment, hole repair, create education content, and provided sewing materials to students at U-M.
Costume Designer for Claudia Bitran’s Titanic
Sinking of the Titanic scene
As a costume designer for Claudia Bitran’s Titanic for the scene the “Sinking of the Titanic”, I had the opportunity to collaborate with fellow students, the UM synchronized swim team, and Claudia Bitran. I created the Titanic ship and a costume for one of the synchronized swimmers.

Mural making in Detroit and Ann Arbor
I had the opportunity to collaborate with the National Wildlife Federation, residents of Detroit, Washtenaw Food Hub staff, environmental science students, and fellow artists to create murals in Southeast Michigan. A team of about 20 artists, we worked together to display environmentally themed murals based on local community needs.

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