Researcher for the Natural Resources Defense Council and the University of Michigan
The results of this study:

  • Assessed the feasibility of quantifying the environmental impact of the manufacturing of university apparel,
  • Quantified/estimated that impact for the most recent year
  • Made recommendations for expanded information collection moving forward, and
  • Proposed an action plan to reduce impact of manufacturing apparel for U-M.

Researched contamination in University of Michigan (U-M) compost bins
Our team set out to decrease contamination in compost bins at U-M, and to create a compost toolkit for its dining cafes. We partnered with Nicole Berg and Anya Dale from the Office of Campus Sustainability and Keith Soster from M|Dining at U-M. To determine the best steps for U-M composting systems, we conducted a waste audit, surveyed students about compost bins, and researched best public compost practices. Based on our research we recommended:

  1. Better educational signage on compost bins
  2. Customize compost environment to facility needs
  3. Work towards implementing compostable-only packaging
  4. Improve lids on compost bins across campus
University of Michigan Biological Station
Completed two research projects which made it into the final research symposium:

1. Plant Diversity Across Sand Dune Swales in the Sturgeon Bay Chronosequence

2. The Use of Tree Cores in Determining Future Mercury Concentrations in Watersheds

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