Finding Peace
Reused plastics and wrappers
Purchased and on permanent display at the Michigan House of Representatives
Finding Peace, a beautiful sunset, littered with trash, is a depiction of a sunset over Douglas Lake in Northern Michigan made entirely from plastic and wrapper waste. Studying the environmental harm caused by early Americans, Finding Peace displays the current destruction of our planet by emphasizing over consumption and poor waste management. Constructing the piece acted as a penance for the artist, cleaning and placing her own trash on display she had to acknolwedge her own part in environmental destruction.

Sweet Addiction
Coca Cola cans
Photo Credit: Olivia Marr
Scholastic Silver Key
Sweet Addiction highlights the glamor associated with commercial consumption of soda pop. Constructed entirely from Diet Coke cans, the metal sparkles and shines on the outside, while sharp edges cut the wearer from inside the garment. Looking at the dress, the viewer experiences the elegance and beauty of the garment. While the wearer still tastes the sweetness from each sip, they also experience the negative health consequences from consuming soda pop.

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