Wasted Water
Upcycled T-shirts

Wasted Water is a large scale weaving constructed entirely from discarded t-shirts that responds to American apparel waste. The scribble motif, recorded from the motion of walking for water, represents the 30+ minute journey that 2.2 billion people walk every day for drinking water. Americans throw away 81 pounds of textile waste per year, using enormous amounts of freshwater in the process. A single garment uses 2,700 liters of water in production, enough drinking water for a person for 900 days. The painstaking process of handweaving acts as a penance to all the people that are affected by our endless desire to purchase more clothing.

Extended Artist Statement

Many thanks to Patti McCauley, Matthew Simon, Kit Parks, Jim Cogswell, Stephanie Rowden, and Megan Freund for their advice and support through the making of Wasted Water.

Wasted Water detail images

Initial scribble sketch made by walking 30+ minutes to get water

Wasted Water broad shot

Weaving process shots

Early weaving iterations

© 2020 Gillian Yerington